It is impossible for a library to succeed in our current economic and social climate without a clear vision of purpose, a sense of direction, a preceived value of the services we provide, and the ability to convey these concepts to those in our community and government that are in a position to provide support and funding. 

The primary document used to keep such organizations on track and point to ongoing aspirations is the long-range plan. Additionally, an RFP (Request For Proposal) is often necessary when contracting work, services, or projects out to 3rd parties.

The most common and effective way of gaining material support beyond our standard annual budgets is to be awarded a grant. The process of writing a grant proposal often is the most difficult, stressful and time-consuming part of the entire application process. It is also an extremely effective means of gaining additional funding for new initiatives.

Below are samples of real grant proposals, long-range plans, and RFPs that I have created in my time as a librarian.