There is nothing more rewarding to me than being recognized for the effort and hard work I put into being a librarian. I find that even just a few kind words of recognition or gratitude can turn a regular day into a truly exceptional one.

Below are just a few nice words people have said about me and my work over the years.
"Jed Phillips is the preferred future of public libraries. He is a 21st century librarian with that rare combination of old-world interpersonal skills and the saavy of a digital native. As his supervisor, I quite frankly, am thankful for his presence at the library each and every day. At this library he has been a catalyst for change with the ability to counter the aftershocks of change with commonsense and unfailing good humor."

Uma Hiremath
Ames Free Library

"Jed is very capable, well-versed in current technology and best practices, and is always ready for a challenge. His is also a love of interconnected systems, which is readily apparent in an information-driven profession. Constant research and tinkering have allowed many projects to take shape, and he is not afraid of failure, but rather, embraces it as an important step on the road to success. Dauntless, there never seemed to be anything that truly stumped him for long, and he was never reticent to take the lead or play as a team member, whichever the situation required. This is the mark of true leadership - knowing when to take charge and when to suport, and ensuring everyone's voice is heard."

Jason Bloom 
Program Manager
RI Office of Library & Information Services

"His true strength is in his ability to convey his enthusiasm to his co-workers to get them invested and excited, all while laying out a detailed plan for what needs to be done, who can best accomplish those goals, and most importantly working hard until the end result is met."

Ian Dunbar 
Assistant Director
Ames Free Library

"On behalf of the co-chairs, the entire conference comittee & the conference attendees, please accept my sincerest thanks and appreciation for your superb technical assistance at conference! You truly did a smash-up job and I hope you'll come back again next year!"

Esme Green 
MLA Conference Chair 
Goodnow Library

"...You were kind, helpful & efficient. You made yourself late on my behalf and  I appreciate it tremendously. Thank you for being a light on a dark day. You will never know how much better I felt when I left. Happy Holidays! You make a difference."

Diane Dixon 
Library Patron

"Jed is a gem that makes the Ames Free Library what it is."

Anonymous Respondent
Annual Library Survey